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Meet Darren Wong Sr., Founder of Pro Lawn & Landscape

My name is Darren Wong Sr. and I am the founder and owner of owner of Pro Lawn & Landscape. I started this company in 1992 in my beautiful hometown of Kailua, O’ahu. Pro Lawn & Landscape has provided excellent landscape design, lawn service, and maintenance to residential and commercial clients across the islands for over twenty years. The most gratifying part of this job is helping to realize a client’s dream to its full potential through beautiful design and function. I specialize in designing and installing all lawn components, sprinkling irrigation, water features, tile, and stone work, and all florist/nursery needs. No job is too big or small. I was born and raised in Hawai’i and am incredibly lucky that my work allows me to help keep this island beautiful.

I live in Kailua and have three amazing kids. I look forward to working together to fulfill your lawn and landscape needs diligently. Let’s turn your landscaping dreams into reality! Let’s turn your landscaping ideas into reality!

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Pro Lawn provides a range of landscaping services, such as design, installation, upkeep, tree care, and grass care. They may assist you in designing an eye-catching garden, a serene haven, or a useful and fashionable outdoor living space.

Absolutely, Pro grass provides sod installation as a fast option to get your grass green. In addition, they provide turf installation—an additional variety of pre-grown grass.

Turf also generally describes a larger area of grass than sod does, since it could be used to describe an entire patch of lawn; whereas sod describes a roll of grass with a surface layer of soil and matted roots, that can be applied to a patch of land.

Does sod on a lawn last a good amount of time or does it die after a season or two? If the soil is prepared properly, and the sod is watered appropriately (which is to say, a lot more than you think it needs, it should last pretty much indefinitely.

It is easy to get in touch with us. To request our services or find out how we can tailor our landscaping solutions to meet your needs, get in touch with Pro Lawn & Landscape by phone, email, or through our website. We welcome your queries and guarantee prompt, courteous replies through our open channels of customer support.